Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Alone!/Episcopal recap

Raise your hand if you have free reign of an apartment!

What should I do, friends, while Nick and Jeff are out?

Paint the walls?

Introduce myself to the neighbors?

Switch the contents of their sock drawers?


I've gotta say, I've been here less than 24 hours and they've already left me behind. Some hosts they are.

Just kidding, they're delightful, and we're well on our way to starring in the reprise of Three's Company. I even brought along three Starbucks aprons for us to wear during our morning coffee. Jeff suggested we take a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream each day that I'm here. Sounds good to me. Perhaps we can sip while Nick reads us a nightly bedtime story (Nick has a wonderful storytelling voice. My college roommate Claire and I used to charge him "rent" in the cost of a bedtime story when he would come visit us).

Nick had to work this morning--seriously, Nick--so my new friend Matty took me to church with him, where we were very badly behaved. A little too much giggling, and I may have spilled coffee on the hymnal.

In place of a sermon we had a "hymn sing," where people raised their hands with hymn numbers and we would sing a verse before moving onto the next suggestion. Matty dared me to find a really obscure hymn, and I suggested to him that I raise my hand with a Lenten hymn, perhaps from Good Friday.

I later told Matty we should never be allowed to attend church together again, or at least not sit next to each other.

"We got fewer looks than I thought we would," he told me this afternoon.

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  1. Paint the walls pink! :-P