Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brewed boundaries--lips off my java

I have this thing where, in step with my practice of being old, I wait several minutes after purchasing coffee before taking a sip, so as not to burn myself.

I had a dream recently (last night, I think) where I was sitting with an americano (hi, Katie) in front of me and the guy next to me suddenly picked it up, took a sip, then set it in front of me and said, with what seemed to be a mix of disdain and perhaps affection?, "Yeah, it's ready. You can drink it now."

I remember thinking, I'm not sure if he thinks I'm cute or if he thinks I'm ridiculous. I also remember thinking, "I'm not sure how I feel about drinking this now that some stranger put his mouth on this."

This morning in research class (in real life, not dream life) I believe I felt a genuine twinge of happiness that I was drinking coffee that no one else had touched with their mouth.

What a ridiculous way to hit on someone. And what a rude way to insult someone's right to behave 60 years older than her actual age. I hate it when people do that. Leave me and my cats and books and quiet time alone! I've done the bar scene and it's overrated.

Tired, no-longer-infatuated-with-their-twenties gentlemen? Call me. ;)

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