Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colonel, send in the soybeans

How does your average American who is moderately accepting of Western-medicine handle a headache?

Probably pop an Advil or two, then drink lots and lots of water.

How does Bailey handle it?

Pop two Aleve, a Zyrtec, make tea and cook soybeans.

Method to the madness?
  • Aleve--to fight monster, borderline-migraine headache
  • Zyrtec--to combat allergies which might be contributing to monster headache
  • tea--caffeine to further kill headache (I'm ruthless, but so are these headaches as of late, so I'm only fighting fair)
  • soybeans--not sure I've had any protein today, which is possibly contributing to headache. Considered cooking a chicken breast, but they are frozen and I am too lazy to wait/do the work
Just for the record, it is safe to take the aforementioned drugs in their aforementioned doses together for my age group/gender/body weight (to the best of my knowledge), and I do not advocate any dependency on or abuse of pain medications. I am only here to sympathize with the migraine sufferers, and offer you a picture of the ridiculous diets that some of us adhere to after throwing our hands up in surrender. May the skull-splitting nightmares be far from you. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go show this thing who's boss...with my soybeans and jasmine tea.


A massage would be delicious, but I'm on a budget here. Leave me alone.

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