Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If you can't take the heat

So, has anyone reading ever made a cannoli?

I was watching Martha Stewart today, and they were making cannolis.

It looked so. hard.

She was putting the dough through this press thing, I guess maybe it's the same thing you use to make pasta. And she kept running it through again and again, as it got thinner and thinner and I was stressing out about the possibility of it breaking.

Then they laid it out and cut out circles with a cookie cutter thing, then wrapped the circle around a metal tube mold.

Then they fried them.

And then after they were cooled, they filled them with a liquid filling.

It looked so complicated and stressful. The shell seemed so breakable, and the process was enough work that I could imagine one shell break would cause one to throw things, or cry, or both. I like to take on a challenge in the kitchen, sort of. But I think if anyone tried to advertise the making of cannoli as "so simple, anyone can do it," I might have to call them out on it. It didn't look simple.

It did, however, look delicious. To my knowledge I've never eaten a cannoli, and while they were making them I was wondering where I could get one here in town. Some things are worth letting other people do and paying for them.

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  1. cannolis are pretty delicious. you should probably find an italian cafe/bakery/restaurant.