Sunday, February 27, 2011

YouTube content analysis. Heyyyy.

Okay, so we're gonna try something a little different with tonight's post. I went to the YouTube home page, and you know how if you scroll down to the "Most Popular" section, how it has 10 genres of videos that are currently most popular?

Well I'm going to write, off the top of my head (ooh, writing improv) something about each of these topics. Not necessarily relating to YouTube, just in general.

Got it? Ready? Does this idea bore you? Well, to be honest it kind of bores me too, but I have a big day tomorrow so I can't spend too much time here today. :( So...

Okay, let's do this!


I find cross stitch to be quite entertaining/soothing.

News & politics

Umm...I've got nothing. Wow that doesn't look good. I'm in a journalism program. [Shoulder shrug.]


I went for a run today because it was in the 50s and 60s today and it was cloudy so it was delightfully humid. To be honest the run kind of hurt, but it was a good hurt. I stopped two or three times (which I don't usually do, so it was obvious I was struggling) but each time realized I wanted to keep going. So I did. Tomorrow's a definite rest day, though, because I think my body is super tired. Plus I have at least four specific times to be in different places with different people meeting about different things on my calendar for tomorrow. YUCK.

Science & technology

I bought my toaster cheap. It doesn't do the best job. But it does the job of drying out and heating my bread, at least to some degree, so I'm grateful to have it. Okay a toaster is an appliance, but it takes technology to make it. So...thus this comment is allowed in this category. Blog author declares this exception.

Most viewed

I have been watching (well, more so listening to) this video so much! I discovered it because the Shaytards were singing the song on one of their videos (Callie and Mommytard are sisters), but I've been going straight for the goods by pressing play on the music video itself:


What other songs have you been listening to, Bailey? Well, until I found Callie Moore's gem, I was (and still am) listening to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" a LOT (this video is so cool, P.S.):

Film & animation

The King's Speech won Best Picture!!! Yay! Totally deserved it!

How to & style

I'm finding that making my side swept bangs look good is not as difficult as I remembered it being the last time I had them. Well maybe it wasn't hard to style them last time. I don't really remember. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the simplicity.


Education is kind of kicking my butt at the moment. I mean I guess I'm kicking its butt, too, but why can't we all just get along? Why can't we just read the books, but have time to read the books? And be able to read the books without losing sleep? And why can't all of the books be good? Yeah, I said it. I went there. I don't think that every book out there should have necessarily been published. And some of them maybe should have been published, but an editor maybe should have shaved off 100 or so pages first. Just sayin'.

Hey. If I ever publish a book, I'm not gonna want to hear a painful truth, but if I'm too long-winded and it's becoming boring to read on, then please tell me. I don't want someone to be sitting there with my book going, "Ugh, get to the point already!" I want them to enjoy the ride, and details or no details, want them (you) to feel that you are happy to be reading, not growing angry and resentful of my publisher.

Top favorited

Um, as for videos I have "liked" by pressing the thumbs up button this week, I have to say that among them this one from Shaycarl was pretty stellar. A man showing his emotions? Yesss.

Okay so this was a little long. And a little Shaytard heavy (but, you know, if you're a Shaytard lover, then this is a good thing for you. If not, well as we've reviewed before, no one is making you press play on any videos presented here at the DB). Here's hoping for a little more creativity tomorrow.


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