Friday, February 25, 2011

The things we put up with for (pet!) love

Okay so I am sick of searching YouTube to find the clip I want, so I'll just describe it to you.

Have you seen the episode of Friends where Marcel the monkey messes with the TV remote and sets it to Spanish instead of English? And then none of the humans can figure out how to fix it?

I might need to rename Dibbs "Marcel."

Yesterday he screwed up my keyboard. Like, in a pretty complicated manner.

Today he really outdid himself.

I called Dave, who helped fix my keyboard situation yesterday, and he seemed less than amused at my precious little ball of fur who makes me SO happy, Dave, and as we know keeps me sane.

What Diblets did today is...he rotated my screen a full 90 degrees!

Dave said that he doesn't know how Dibbs made that happen because that requires some complicated keystrokes. Then he sighed and told me to "right click and go to Properties..."

Well we got it figured out, but it was hard to do because the mouse was acting in a mirror image, portrait-instead-of-landscape mode so it was really hard to get the arrow landed on the buttons I needed to click.

Hahaha, this is so ridiculous the more I think about it. But he is so worth every last computer fiasco. Look at that precious little sideways face:

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