Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo albums are distracting...

So I am sitting here flipping through a photo album to pick out pics to replace those that are already in frames--some of them, no joke, have been in these frames since high school. Time for a change.

Well there are some real gems in here, including the pic of me and Dad, in which neither of us are actually high, but our faces suggest otherwise. Oh, and I'm wearing an ice skater costume and he's dressed like Superman, wig included. Small detail.

It was Halloween. We're crazy, but give us a little credit--we don't normally put on costumes and pose for pictures looking high. And I'm sure it wasn't our intent to look high, period.

Yes, I realize I am describing pictures but not providing you with a visual aid.

I don't have a digital camera.

I don't have a scanner.

I got a cell phone in August, don't rush me down Tech Lane any faster than I'm willing to go, friends.

Anyway. There's another pic, of me and Riley, when we were little and it's uber-prec. because Riley is holding a box of raisins in the picture. Riley has always loved raisins. Oh my goodness, he and Caitlin should have raisins at their wedding.

Riley, Caitlin, instead of throwing birdseed or blowing bubbles at you, can we please,


throw raisins at you?

Unless that's harmful to birds. Then I don't want to.

Oh, and can Dibbs be your flower boy?

Okay, I really did have something entirely different from all this that I was going to say in the first place. I just thought I needed a little introduction, and it's just gotten completely out of hand.* I'm sorry.

Okay, so there's another picture of me and Ri. He's a little booger baby, lying on his stummy, and big sis Bailey (read: future BFF) is lying on her side next to him, head on his back, hammin' it up for the camera. I tell you this not so much to brag about how cute we were in the (presumably) late 80s--I mean, duh, we've been over the fact that I don't have a visual aid, so why would I talk up my childhood looks if I can't even prove them to you?--but to tell you that I just noticed a significant detail about my outfit in this picture!!

I have a teal tee on, and then what appears to be a one-piece pair of pink overalls. But that's not even the best part. The overalls say "HOLLYWOOD FUN."

If I had a pair of adult size pink overalls here in 2011 that said "HOLLYWOOD FUN" on them?

I feel like I'd have them on once a week, minimum.

That's all I really wanted to tell you. Thanks for hanging out with me for this roundabout post. Smooches. See you tomorrow, God willing. Maybe I can tell you about the picture of me in my star-print jeans and chicken slippers (am I making that up? Hmm, I wonder...).

*Mary, are you sure you still think I'm a Type A?

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  1. I need visual aids, woman. Carry these photos around so that the next time I bump into you, I know what you were blogging about.