Monday, February 14, 2011

Spinster Sister

I'm pretty satisfied with my tally of valentines this year.

Five. Count 'em, five.

Their names are Mom, Dad, Dibby, BooBoo, and Yogi.

Never mind that three of them are feline.

Hey, they all let me hug them, two of them gave me money and a card, one let me raid her pantry, and Dibber McDiblets has sat in my lap or very near my lap at least three times today.

I've survived being a spinster this long, with a few cats and two awesome parents, I can withstand a little longer, right? Get back to me when my third and final sibling gets married this summer, then I might start to feel differently...

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves. I hope that if you're not cuddling with a human sweetie, then you have a pet, or talked with someone you love on the phone, or are eating some chocolate, or took it easy today, or just did something (wholesome, of course) that you love. If you haven't done any of these, there's still some time. By my watch, you've got about an hour-forty five left.

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