Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bailey, Mary, and Kurt's Day of fun!

4 mile race? Check.
Beer before noon? Check.
2nd half of Ferris Bueller? Check.
BBQ (and more beer)? Check check.
Bowling? Check.
Sleeping like ROCKS tonight?


I made this video really quickly with the "Magic Movie" feature on FlipShare, and chose one of their music tracks, which by the title of it I thought it would be more upbeat, but it turned out to be kind of corny. This, all in all, we thought made the video even funnier. :)


  1. Wait, when were you in KC? Were you here yesterday for the run? You were like, right by my house. The art museum is practically down the street from me. If you were at the museum after the run, you may have even seen me and my friend running by there!

  2. Also, totally loved the church music in your video! =~)