Friday, March 25, 2011

Ooh boy.

I thought this might happen.

Okay, it's possible nothing is happening.

However, I am feeling woozy at the moment and this could translate to being under the weather. We'll just have to see.

I'm just not surprised that I am feeling woozy now. Classic timetable: finishing things up at school, not enough sleep, eating Reese's peanut butter cups at midnight while replying to emails, rush out of town, a little more than 24 hours at home and


Your body lets go of all the tension, and says to you, "Uh, yeah, I'm just gonna lie down for a while."

Well I had a good run today (it's my first day of break, today was clearly a sleep day, plus it's cold outside--grr). Slept 'til noon, had a lovely catch-up chat with Dave at the Bucks, eavesdropped on these two teenage girls who were doing homework on a Friday and chatting with great animation about their schoolwork...precious.

Just tried to do some cross stitch, and then felt like I was about to go blind. So I abandoned crafting ship and after some channel surfing I think I'm ready for bed.

Except I had to come write a post for my faithful web friends first, of course!


Wish me a short-lived wooziness.

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