Monday, March 14, 2011

I wonder if I'd be more productive in Britain

Repeat after me:

Bailey. Is. Lazy.


Someone please just make me feel better and tell me that this is because I'm exhausted, mentally burnt out, and didn't exactly catch up on sleep this weekend...

Now what to do before bed? Clean? Organize? Read for class? Hmm, now there's a concept.

2 positives to leave you with:

Dibbs and I are reunited after a weekend apart. Thanks, cat sitter Kelsey!

I'm listening to "2 Become 1" by the Spice Girls. Yesss. And, yep. I have to share the video here. The song was making me happy enough, and then I went to YouTube and things got even better:


  1. no, when I go, I am so enthralled by british television, that I find myself staying up late watching random shows...and then going on long jogs in the countryside, then playing with the sheepdog Sally

  2. you know someone with a sheepdog in britain?!?!?!?!?!!?!

    I WANT TO GO!!!!!