Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stressed camper

Raise your hand if you cried in public today!

Daily Bailey raises her hand.

One minute I was cross stitching, reading, sipping tea, then I was wiping my eyes with brown Starbucks napkins and didn't even really care that I had an audience.

Let's just say I'm scared for my post-graduate future and I don't appreciate jokes about it. When we're talking about income, relocation, and likely doing all this on my own, I just can't bring myself to laugh about it right now.

Call me uptight, call me super sensitive, call me realistic.

Bottom line is I want this degree to get me a reliable income when I finish school, and I don't want to bend over backwards to make new friends, AGAIN. But right now I feel like I'm on the curb waiting for a bus to arrive that adheres to no specific schedule, with 37 cents in my pocket and wondering if that'll be enough for a one-way fare.

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