Thursday, March 10, 2011

Instructions: Press Play. Laugh, w/ hand to your heart. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Okay the YouTube video that had me in stitches tonight (yes, I just used that phrase) has some comments underneath it that concern me. However, there are some other comments that make me think I have nothing to worry about.

Okay let me explain.

So Nick sent me this video tonight with the following comment:

"I could not stop laughing while watching this. And I couldn't help but think this might be a bit what you might be like in class..."

He was referring to my enrollment in ballet this past summer (some of you may remember if you were hanging out here at the DB this summer. If not: read on).

Okay. So this video: SO funny and adorable.

Well as I started reading the comments (calm down, I'll show you the video shortly) some people said that they think this little girl might have a neurological condition. I really hope not, and I also--you know, my medical degree speaking here--wouldn't have guessed such a thing by watching the video.

What I see below is learning.

In fact, my response to Nick was:

"i was a little better than that, but i think her outward actions represent a lot of my inner personality."

So I was pleased to see some comments that seemed to be from people who know this girl personally and reported that this is an old video and the girl dances much better today.

I'm hoping the latter set of comments mentioned are true. Because this girl just makes my heart not only sing, but dance as well. Such persistence will certainly breed strength and character for this cutie pie. Keep it up, whoever you are (P.S. I love the title of this video):

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