Monday, March 7, 2011

There isn't exactly a great title to give this post.

So I was talking to Tomas this evening and I was also collecting my stationery into one place at the same time. It was already more or less in one place, but I was trying to confine it even more to a smaller space/make it more readily accessible.

And as we were talking, I told him how I was thinking about giving people notes on stationery more often, and then I'm not sure if it was his idea or mine or both of ours, but the idea of me giving someone a note or card every day (until I run out of stationery, or for a year, or some other determinate for an ending point...maybe indefinitely?) was discussed.

Now I have trouble committing to any sort of daily activity aside from showering, brushing my teeth, drinking coffee, playing Freecell, and generally wasting time. So this frightens me. No, seriously. Committing to little things can legitimately frighten me. I guess where the real fear lies is in me doubting if I'll ever be able to successfully commit to such things. So not so much fear of the commitment itself, but instead the possibility of me continuing to waste time, creativity, my gifts? Yeah, I think that's sounds pretty accurate.

A fear of dropping out, I guess. A fear of always quitting, or never saying "yes" because I'm afraid I'll quit eventually and I want to save people the heartache of being let down by fickle Bailey.

But I don't know. Thinkin' about the stationery thing.

What do we think, peeps? Let the readers speak! I need encouragement here! Hold me accountable! Don't let me waste my time and my life!

By reading this here blog, you guys actually already (seriously) hold me accountable to write regularly, so I would love it if you would help hold me accountable to keep things neat and organized in my surroundings, and maybe to distribute handwritten notes every day...


God made me the way I am according to His desires, so I shall trust Him. That's a WHOLE lot easier than trusting myself, even though I attempt to rely on my own strength a great portion of the time.

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  1. Maybe you could start a little smaller and commit to sending a note each day during Lent? Adding a positive habit is as good, if not better, than giving up a bad one! Plus, that gives you Sundays off. We're to rest that day. :)