Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have a whole hand of good things that happened!

Umm...I'm pretty well exhausted. But several things have made me happy in the last two days.

Let's start with Callie Moore's song "Wire." Her CD Zen Garden came in the mail today and I literally ripped open the package in my car. Went straight to "Out of my Range," and then "Wire" came on next and I was like "Delicious!!! Callie Moore I love your music!" I nearly yelled such things out loud, but instead just listened to the music with great relish.

Secondly, last night I watched "Parenthood" and the episode was sooooo good!


I loved the part where Zeke held Crosby in the parking lot after he bailed him out of jail, when Crosby said that he really messed up. I also looooved when Joel took the newspaper out of Julia's hands to tell her he would never cheat on her.

Third: I did an interview for a story today and it was quite enjoyable talking to my source.

Fourth: Tonight I was treated to impromptu pizza and beer by a faculty member who I admire so much and it was so great and unexpected! I've been wanting to make this connection for months, and now it happened when I didn't see it coming! God provides.

And finally. There is a warm angel friend lying in my lap. Purrfect.

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  1. You rock, Bailey! Keep doing might be good at it!